SkinMedica is an innovative, luxury line of skin care products that works with your skin’s natural healing processes to transform aged and damaged surfaces into glowing, healthy and more youthful appearing skin.  Founded by physicians, SkinMedica has been tested and developed from decades of research and clinical studies. Their commitment to high quality ingredients and skin rejuvenation has earned them a place as an industry leader and one of the most well-respected and effective skincare lines available.

SkinMedica is dedicated to the long-term health of your skin and has several products available to transform, rejuvenate and bring new life to worn or damaged skin. They have products that cleanse, correct, moisturize, protect, hydrate, and brighten skin damaged by the sun, age, or acne.  SkinMedica also provides treatment for dry to oily skin reducing the unwanted effects of both extremes. Targeted therapies are also available to protect and rejuvenate specific areas such as the eyes, lips and areas affected by acne. Superficial peels are also designed by SkinMedica to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing out areas of roughness resulting in a more uniform and youthful complexion.

Through SkinMedica, we are able to offer innovative and superior quality skin care to our patients. One aspect that sets SkinMedica apart from others is the use of growth factors in its cosmetic treatments. Growth factors, not growth hormones, aid in the repair of damaged skin while working to maintain healthy skin. Components that create elasticity and firmness are made by growth factors and their presence in SkinMedica help restore and rejuvenate aged or damaged skin like other products cannot. Daily use of these growth factors also helps maintain and strengthen the protective function of the skin, thereby helping to prevent further damage.

If you are interested in learning more about how SkinMedica can transform and rejuvenate your skin, contact one of our offices to learn more.