Kybella is a new revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that is producing phenomenal results for our patients.  It is a great option for those interested in creating more definition under their chin and lower face area without undergoing surgery.  Kybella uses a naturally occurring substance in the body called, deoxycholic acid, to literally melt away the fat cells found in the submental area under the chin.  The acid breaks down the membranes that surround the fat cells and then the body’s own natural processes reabsorb the material and reduce the fat tissue in the area.

Thus far liposuction has been the mainstay of treating the infamous and often stubborn “double-chin”.  It’s not uncommon for individuals who have a lost a significant amount of weight and body fat in other areas of the body, to struggle with persistent fullness under the chin.  Just a little extra fat in the submental area can cause a “chubby” appearance regardless of a lean, svelte body figure.  Reducing this submental fullness can significantly improve one’s self-confidence while also restoring youthfulness and attractiveness.

Kybella treatments take approximately 20-30 minutes and can be performed right in the comfort your specialist’s office.  People are surprised at how comfortable a procedure it is despite the need for a series of injections containing Kybella serum.  A topical numbing medication can be used to further minimize any discomfort or pain.  Two to three treatments, four to six weeks apart are usually required for optimal results.  Occasionally, six treatments are recommended for more advanced cases.  Within 10-15 minutes of the treatment, fat cells begin to dissipate and the whole process takes place rather quickly.  Although some bruising and swelling from the injections may be present immediately following the procedure, it should be minimal and short-lived.

As you can see, Kybella is transforming the way we approach the removal of unwanted fat while also improving the overall experience and accessibility for individuals with stubborn submental fullness who have wanted to avoid surgery.  It is one of the safest cosmetic procedures available and has been extensively studied.  It was unanimously approved by the FDA Medical Advisory Committee and is composed of a substance that naturally occurs in our own bodies.  Despite its safety, however, it is important that only an experienced, well trained specialist administer the injections since damage to the delicate nerves and vessels of the lower face can cause injury to the appearance and function of the mouth or difficulty swallowing.  It should only be used to treat the area under the chin.  However, under the care of an astute surgeon, Kybella can dramatically and safely provide permanent reduction in submental fat and is a favorite of our patients and many others around the globe.