Brow Lifts

Brow lift surgery, also known as a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that surgically lifts sagging and wrinkled skin of the forehead to erase signs of aging and create a more refreshed look to one’s upper face.  Forehead lifts can also reduce the appearance of deep furrows, and even improve vision.  As we age, the skin, muscles and tissues of the forehead lose their elasticity, droop over the eyes and can erroneously give off an impression of anger or exhaustion.  A brow lift is an excellent option for those interested in a long-lasting solution to a constantly tired or angry appearance.  Individuals who undergo brow lifts also frequently report improved interpersonal relationships socially and at work, because they now appear more approachable, have a renewed sense of confidence and look more alert in general.

Depending on one’s anatomy, desired outcomes and extent of restoration that needs to be made, forehead lifts may be performed endoscopically or open.  Endoscopic forehead lifts are performed using tiny incisions in the scalp that allow the surgeon’s tools to tunnel beneath the skin, lift sagging brows and pull the forehead skin upwards.  No skin is removed but rather just stretched and reattached in a more appropriate and youthful position.  In comparison, the open technique, utilizes a longer continuous incision across the hairline to lift the forehead tissues.  Excess skin is removed and the skin reattached under the hairline to permanently lift the brows.  Both methods, done properly, can provide long-lasting, beautiful results that bring balance and harmony to the facial features.

When considering a brow lift surgery be sure to choose a skilled and experienced surgeon.  A well trained surgeon will carefully examine the entire face in order to determine what adjustments will provide the most balanced and aesthetically appealing results.  Upper face aesthetics should always take into account the brow-upper eyelid balance when planning a brow lift.  Aesthetically conscious surgeons will understand that the positioning of the brows in relation to the eyes can drastically affect the overall appearance of the face.