Botox®, the brand name for botulinum toxin A (BTX-A), is an effective and popular treatment for wrinkles, furrows and creases of the forehead and other areas of the face.  Age and life in general, wears on the skin and muscles of our face.  Deep creases and wrinkles easily develop with repeated contractions of the muscles that allow us to show emotions, shield our eyes from the sun or help us focus. When these creases become prominent they can create a constantly tired, angry, sad, or upset appearance.  Botox works by blocking the communication between nerves and the muscles they serve, thereby relaxing the muscles and creating a more calm and youthful appearance.  Botox® can be used for other medical purposes but has become one of the most sought after non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures worldwide.

Botox® can also bring harmony and balance to the face when an irregular eyebrow or contracted muscle causes asymmetry.  Botox is administered through injections using tiny needles that go just below the skin making it a very comfortable and relatively painless procedure with low risk and minimal to no recovery time.  Full effectiveness occurs a few days after injection and a follow-up visit is often scheduled two weeks after the initial injection to evaluate the results.  Many Botox customers are repeat customers, attesting to the high satisfaction ratings that Botox® has.

If you are considering Botox® be sure to choose a board certified, experienced and well trained professional (i.e. physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or aesthetician).  Botulinum A has been used and well-studied over the past century and there are thousands of publications to date in medical and scientific journals that document its safety and efficacy.  However, in the hands of an untrained individual, it can cause several undesirable side effects.  A well-trained and experienced injector will be well aware of the important nerves, blood vessels, muscles and other delicate tissues of the face.  When performed properly, Botox injections can be a highly satisfying and effective cosmetic rejuvenation procedure.