Blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that can dramatically improve the attractiveness of the eyes and overall facial image.  Blepharoplasty treats a variety of age and non-age related conditions of the eyelids such as drooping of the eyelids, under the eye bags and puffiness.  Fine wrinkles and excess skin of the lower lid can also be reversed with blepharoplasty.  Even peripheral vision can be improved by blepharoplasty when sagging skin along the outer corners of the eyes interfere with the line of vision.  As we age, muscles that surround the eyes weaken and our skin loses its elasticity, causing the skin of the eyelids to stretch and then droop.  When performed properly, blepharoplasty should not only address the skin of the eyelids but also lift and tighten the deep tissues and muscles that surround the eyes to provide long-lasting, natural, and aesthetically pleasing results.

Different forms of blepharoplasty exist to address specific concerns.  The traditional upper and lower lid blepharoplasties remove excess skin and sometimes fat under the eyelids.  The lower lid pinch, pinches and pulls the lower lid to a more secure and tighter position under the lower lashes.  The skin and skin-muscle flap technique helps protect the muscles that are responsible for blinking and tear-drainage.  Transconjunctival blepharoplasty leaves no external obvious scar because the incision is made on the mucous membrane that lines the inside of the lower lid, called the conjunctiva, thereby avoiding an external incision through the skin.  These techniques may be performed in conjunction with one another or separately.

Blepharoplasty can also address puffiness as well as that sunken appearance that can occur under the eyes by distributing a layer of fat over the rim of the orbital bone and depositing it into areas of depression or hollowing.  This is known as fat repositioning and creates a well-rested, rejuvenated appearance with no visible scarring.  Asian eyelid surgery is another common form of blepharoplasty that defines the eyelid crease, a.k.a. the double eyelid, for those who may not have one.  This procedure is very popular among those of Asian descent and can create a more alert, attractive expression of the eyes.

As you can see, blepharoplasty can correct a wide variety of cosmetic eye complaints.  If you are interested in knowing whether or not blepharoplasty is an option for you, contact one of our offices today for more information.